Barış (Çağatay Ulusoy), who is an architecture student and makes amateur music as a hobby, enjoys life like every young university student. When he first saw Füsun (Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu), he had a feeling he had never known in his life. Love, which is always tangential, has caught Barış this time… Who is this girl? Where does she live? What eats? What does he drink? He must somehow reach this girl, whose name he does not even know, but whom he falls in love with. Even if it reaches… Finding Füsun, reaching is okay; Füsun, who does not think about anything other than finishing university with a degree and doing a master's in America, also needs to be convinced of love. Handsome, smart and sincere Barış finally succeeds in this. He makes Füsun fall in love with him and they get married. Everything is like in fairy tales. Until the fairy tale is broken one day...


Ay Yapım
Producer Kerem Çatay
Ali Bilgin

Çağatay Ulusoy, Leyla Lydıa Tuğutlu, Hüseyin Avni Danyal, Mustafa Avkıran, Laçin Ceylan, Nazan Kesal