The story of two young people who have to drag their lives slipping out of their hands on the path drawn by others..

Fatmagül lives in a coastal town with her naive older brother Rahmi and her sister-in-law Mukaddes, who was forced to marry him. She is counting the days to marry her fiancé Mustafa, who has just returned from the military. he lined up his cowls, he sewed his trousers with his small hands so that his mother wouldn't see him tearing his trousers. Fatmagül was also quiet in her childhood, everyone is used to her silence.. Mustafa can't bear to touch her, she is building the house where they will live together and raise their children with her own hands... Fatmagül, who does not exist, is patiently preparing for a life of her own while helping Mustafa.

Kerim is also from a nearby town. His father left his mother for another woman when he was very young. He was left alone with the suicide of his mother, who could not accept the situation. Kerim, who was taken care of by the healer of the region, Nine Midwife, knew her as both mother and sister. Nine Ebe's name was not inherited from her mother.. She owns a large land by the sea, which is now a protected area, that her mother owned during the exchange years. Reşat Yaşaran, the owner of a large joint contracting company, seized the valuable lands of the townspeople with various tricks, and could not put a tooth on Nine Midwife alone.

Kerim works in an iron workshop. He understands fishing and the sea. During the summers, he watches the paths of his first school friends, Selim, Erdoğan and Vural, who did not have class differences as a child, but the distances are felt as they grow up. Selim is Reşat Yaşaran's son, Erdoğan is his cousin. Vural is the son of the land registry and cadastral director of the town.. Kerim's life within the borders of the town is colored by the fact that they come for a few weeks every summer.

This summer, the colors turn dark with the four shadows descending on Fatmagül. On the night of Selim's engagement under the pressure of his father, the path of the four friends, who had been drinking until the morning, crosses with Fatmagül, who left the house to send her fiancee to the sea. it will be a source of shame that will follow them for life.
Kerim was the first to chase her so that she would not be afraid. Before anyone thinks that this joke will result in rape.. Before they realize how it happened, all three men rape Fatmagül in turn. When Kerime's turn comes, Fatmagül looks into his eyes with hatred. Kerimin's eyes will never be forgotten. She will not be able to tell Fatmagül.. Fatmagül fainted, and she thinks that Kerim raped her.. Vural is the only witness of Kerim's innocence..

The rising sun is shaded, after that morning Fatmagül, Mustafa and their rapists have to live with that shadow forever.
Mustafa sets all his past and future on fire with his fiancee, whom he can't bear to touch, 'tainted'. He burns the house he built with his own hands.
Reşat Yaşaran, who rolls up his sleeves so that the incident involving his son and nephew does not come to light, buys Fatmagül's aunt with the efforts of his wife's brother Münir. Kerim succumbs to the pressure and great shame of the Yaşarans. When the fear that he will kill himself is added to his embarrassment, he is forced to marry Fatmagül, whose friends they rape in front of him in turn.

Not only her body, but also her life has been raped. Fatmagül's life has been raped. Fatmagül is condemned to Kerim.. They start with hatred, their new life that others offer them.. Fatmagül, who has to live together with her rapist.. . Kerim, who has to live with the pangs of conscience. Feeling the cold breath of Mustafa, who wants to take revenge, on their neck at any moment, they are enemies to each other in the same house, while trying to hold on to life, Granny Midwife is her biggest helpers.. Ne Reşat Yaşaran's account on the lands of Nine Midwife It ends, neither Mustafa's fire of revenge goes out.. While Vural is thrown into a completely different life with the weight of the secret he kept, neither the conflict between Selim and Erdogan ends, nor Fatmagül and Kerim walk away from their life..
Sun-shaded, which love needs to sprout..
'What is Fatmagül's crime?' is the story of stolen lives..

Episode : 80

Ay Yapım
Producer Kerem Çatay
Director Hilal Saral
Scenario Ece Yörenç - Melek Gençoğlu
Art Director Nilgün Nalçacı
Music Toygar Işıklı
Director of Cinematography Hüseyin Tunç
Cast Beren Saat, Engin Akyürek, Sumru Yavrucuk, Musa Uzunlar, Civan Canova, Serdar Gökhan, Fırat Çelik, Murat Daltaban, Kaan Taşaner, Engin Öztürk, Deniz Türkali, Seda Güven, Esra Dermancıoğlu, Bülent Seyran, Veda Yurtsever