1973's Istanbul Beyazıt Square.. The tradesmen's professions, their hometowns, and even the religions of some of them are different... But they knew the same square as their home, they called each other brothers, their only problem was the fight for bread...
Kibar Nazif and his son Mahir are the apples of the eye of the neighborhood. Because they did not count their lives as their own, the troubles of others, the happiness of others became their happiness. So much so that all the gentlemen who have kept the corners of Istanbul know that Beyazıt is the home of Kibar Nazif and Mahir. No entry is allowed.

Mahir considers himself the luckiest man in the world. Because his father is a brave, brave man like Kibar Nazif. The tales that his father told from his childhood are not just fairy tales for him, they are the teaching of life, the rule. “If you are going to be a man like a man, you will not spread fear around you. You will do good things for people.. understand from the human pulse. Know your absence. Grow in poverty. Know how to share when you have it. Even to the last penny left in your pocket.”
The path his father walked was determined by the most correct direction. He learned to love people very much from his father, but he always preferred to keep the scales of justice heavier than the one who is on the right and oppressed side. As Kibar Nazif aged, he bequeathed his shoe shops, his place at the table and his reputation in the neighborhood to his son. Mahir is now the pillar of both the house and the neighborhood. Neighborhood residents loved and embraced Mahir like their own brothers and brothers. Since they appointed him wiser and stronger than themselves, they chose to follow him willingly.

But the fact that Mahir is being loved more and more by the people is disturbing the gentlemen of Istanbul. Because Mahir stands like a castle in front of the wealth and prestige they will reach. That's why they try to buy it many times, but they cannot prevent Mahir from counting the money. They try to take it down with lead, Mahir is enchanted by the prayers of a whole neighborhood. Even lead doesn't work. Mahir returns from the dead, but does not turn from his path. For this reason, love for him brings with him respect and reverence every time.

Mahir's engagement day is coming. Not only Kibar Nazif, but all the neighborhood are excitedly preparing for the engagement. Mahir will be engaged to Ayten, the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood. But she said yes to this marriage because of her father's word more than her beauty. Because he knows that "his father is never wrong".. Ayten is entrusted to Kibar Nazif from his late parents. That's why Kibar Nazif wants Ayten to be his bride... Mahir doesn't know what love is, family is sacred to him. Therefore, they do not object to what is considered appropriate for them.
While Mahir and the neighborhood are busy with the engagement, a murder takes place in the Istanbul Courthouse. Chief Prosecutor Süleyman is killed by the prosecutor Turgut, whose corruption he exposed. Turgut killed the attorney general, who threatened to take away all the power he had created so far. He immediately calls Necdet, whom he has known since childhood and for whom he is his right-hand man in this type of business. Someone has to take responsibility for this murder on their behalf. But Turgut knows this. The penalty for killing an officer in his office is death! Necdet knows that no one will go to the gallows voluntarily. That's why he wants to kill two birds with one stone. He decides to send Mahir, the apple of the eye of the people of Beyazıt, to the gallows. Thus, when Mahir's shadow is removed from the square, it will be child's play for Necdet to become famous around here and become the boss of the casino he so desires. Because Necdet knows this, if you cut the rope holding the deck, the deck will fall apart. Aren't they skilled? The shopkeepers of Beyazıt are partridges ready to be hunted.

 The plan begins to work. The police come to take Mahir away from her engagement. It will be made red-handed, and Mahir will be captured as if he had killed the attorney general at that moment. But something happens that they did not calculate, Kibar Nazif, who does not want to send his son to the courthouse for his engagement, attends the invitation. When the Attorney General enters his office and is labeled as a murderer, it takes a brief moment. Nazif finds himself in prison with the murder weapon in his hand and the murderer label on his forehead. It is not Nazif's first entrance to the roof of imprisonment. But for a crime he didn't commit, it was the first time that the iron bars were closed on him.

Mahir goes crazy. He even goes down the eye of a needle to find those who got his father into this business. It pierces the moles' nests and smashes the bottom of every stone. But he finds only silence. Mahir has never wrestled illegally until now and has been confidently at the forefront in all fights. But this time his opponent has hidden himself. Mahir understands that there is no way he can save his father without solving this mystery. The whole knot is being untied at the courthouse. So much so that they gave such an important case to a young female judge. The judge ordered confidentiality for the file at the very first hearing. This means that even Nazif's lawyer will not be aware of what is going on in the investigation. From Mahir's perspective, this woman is also a part of this game. Mahir must enter the courthouse and be with this woman in order to disrupt the game. Thanks to their long-time family friend, lawyer Erdal, he enters the courthouse as a trainee judge. Mahir learns by living that the justice he learned from his father is for sale in this world.

Feride is the smartest, most beautiful, and in fact, the most loving judge in the Istanbul Courthouse. But Feride has always led a sheltered life by her deputy father and her grandfather, a veteran of Independence. Although he has worked in every corner of the country for years, he has never opened the door of this sheltered world. There is only one truth that he knows, and that is what is written in law books. As he internalized the articles of the law, he often did not realize that he had distanced himself from the street, people and conscience. While making his decisions, he only listened to the law, not to his conscience. When the Attorney General's file is given to him, this will be his only favor. Not knowing that Turgut is the real murderer's colleague next to him, the prosecutor who is also handling this case, he will worry about executing Kibar Nazif as soon as possible. Because all the visible evidence points to Nazif. Feride doesn't know the difference between looking and seeing yet. Mahir will teach him this, all the lessons in his life, his conscience and the street.

He starts working as a trainee lawyer with Mahir Feride. His intention is to reach the locked file in a few days, find out all the men for sale and bring their threads to the market. But Mahir's plans do not go as he thought. The judge, who will break his father's execution pen, gets longer with Feride. He cannot reach the file. As he moves away from the file, he gets closer to Feride.

Mahir is a son who is ready to die for his father. He will make his father's life more sacred than his own, and his only ambition will be to save him. When he embarks on this road, the obstacles in front of him will grow gradually, and all the gentlemen of Istanbul, especially the prosecutor Turgut, will swear to eliminate Mahir. But it is not easy to overthrow Mahir as he draws his strength from justice and the love he has for his father. When they try to crush Mahir, he will grow even bigger, so much so that he will even take care of victims like himself. On this road he entered when he was a young man in a small neighborhood, many more people who consider him a hero will gather around him. While Mahir is getting stronger, his only weakness will be his love for Feride. His father's life is between the lips of the woman he fell in love with.

Episode : 115

Production Ay Yapım
Producer Kerem Çatay
Director Uluç Bayraktar & Cem Karcı
Scenario Sema Ergenekon & Eylem Canpolat
Director of Cinematography Tolga Kutluay
2. Director
Neslihan Yeşilyurt
Cast Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Bergüzar Korel, Çetin Tekindor, Yurdaer Okur, Erkan Avcı, Melike İpek Yalova, Rıza Kocaoğlu, Elif Sönmez, Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, Cenan Çamyurdu, Deniz Şen Hamzaoğlu, Ulaş Tuna Astepe, Emir Çubukçu, Ozan Ağaç, Perihan Erener, İrem Kahyaoğlu, Uğur Aslan, Kerem Fırtına