One Love
One Love

One Love

Two of them set out on a road, things happened that no one could calculate!

“Champion” is a story full of love, hope and life, based on the real life of champion race horse Bold Pilot, jockey Halis Karataş, owner Özdemir Atman and Bold Pilot's favorite person, Begüm Atman. The adventure of Halis Karataş, who came to Istanbul to become a good jockey, begins with meeting Bold Pilot. But the picture that emerged at the end of this journey far exceeds Halis's expectation: they both became legends. They set out on the road to connect someone they both love very much, Begüm, to life; but something they didn't expect happens: They become hope for a whole society. mid 1990's. The years when Turkey was overwhelmed by political instability, inflation and despair. In those years, when hopes were almost exhausted, the public was deeply attached to this horse and jockey, who managed to win all the races they participated in, coming from the very end. Because those people feel themselves where these two are in the last meters of the race: at the very back. But that doesn't mean they won't win. Because the race ends at the finish line and Bold Pilot and Halis Karataş are the first to cross that line.

Ay Yapım
Producer Kerem Çatay,Pelin Diştaş,Fatih Aksoy
Co-Production Med Yapım
Ahmet Katıksız
Ekin Koç (Halis Karataş), Farah Zeynep Abdullah (Begüm Atman), Fikret Kuşkan (Özdemir Atman), Sibel Taşçıoğlu (Meral Atman), Ali Seçkiner Alıcı (Hasan Karataş), Serkan Ercan (Yaşar), Erdem Akakçe (Mümin Çılgın), Sekvan Serinkaya (Gülağa), Merve Altınkaya (Zeynep Atman), Melis Sezen (Esra Atman), Senay Dede (Lale Atman), Mert Denizmen (Tuncay Uşaklı), Oğuz Kara (Erdi Karataş)