Agâh lives an ordinary retirement life in his 60s. Nevra is a police officer working in the Homicide Bureau. While Agâh and Nevra have been walking on separate roads their whole lives, they do not know that they are approaching each other step by step.
Agâh is both respected and loved by the people around him. However, Agâh will completely change his regular life with a news he will hear from his doctor. The old calmness in his life will disappear when his daughter and grandson, who live abroad, move in with him.
This change in Agâh's life will also affect Nevra's life, who works in the Homicide Bureau. Nevra is the only female police officer working in the Homicide Bureau, and although she is passionate about her profession, this situation makes her life very difficult.
Nevra and Agâh are at such turning points in their lives, and when their stories intersect, they will have no choice but to return to their past and delve deeper into their memories. So, is this intersection of Agâh and Nevra just a coincidence or is it just a small piece of a big puzzle?

 Episode : 12

Ay Yapım
Kerem Çatay, Pelin Diştaş Yaşaroğlu
Onur Saylak
Hakan Günday
Cast Haluk Bilginer, Cansu Dere, Metin Akdülger, Şebnem Bozoklu, Hüseyin Avni Danyal