20 Minutes
20 Minutes

20 Minutes


One night, the door of the Halaskar family was stolen. The police entered and arrested Ali Halaskar's wife Melek Halaskar for attempted murder, handcuffed and taken away. Ali couldn't do anything.
However, Melek would do anything. She used to get up early in the morning and cook the meals, take care of everything Ali forgot during the day, take care of three children including Ali at home, take all the burden of their happy family on her shoulders, and life would sometimes tire her more than anyone else. Angel could do anything. But to kill someone? Ali never believed it.
Everything happened very quickly. Melek Halaskar was found guilty and sentenced in a single session. 20 years in prison.
Did the angel really commit this crime? Kerim Solmaz, who is expected to wake up from his coma, will give the answer. Of course, if he wakes up. Everything had happened so fast, but the real thing was starting now.
History teacher Ali Halaskar, who has not been able to pay even an invoice on time, set out to prove his wife's innocence.
It was not in Ali's nature to take such a path. But it would not be possible for him to live without Melek. He did not yet know that there was nothing he could do to return his wife, whom he loved with an unbelievable love, to his home, and to reunite his happy family. Until he met a power he didn't know existed in himself.
This power will throw Ali in the middle of a struggle that goes beyond his head. Compulsorily. Because now his purpose in life is neither to be a disseminating history teacher nor to be a deputy principal. Now his only goal is to get Melek out of that prison. Ali will go a long way for this cause. And this road will throw obstacles that he cannot ignore. For example, Necmettin President. The former mayor is a symbol of power and the name of unscrupulousness in our story. But first of all, he is the grieving father of Kerim Solmaz, who is struggling to survive in a coma. That's why the President will do whatever it takes to block Ali's path. And the limit of what he can do, no one knows yet.
Assistant. Deputy warden of the prison where Melek slept. But not that much. Actually, the demon in the head of Melek. Prison is his little kingdom. And there only his horn chimes. Also, Necmettin President's. Because the Viceroy is the President's eyes and ears in that prison. hand when appropriate.
But there are not only obstacles on this road. There are also those who will pave the way for Ali. Cat. He's a locksmith himself. But the Cat once opened doors without permission, which it opens today at the request of its owners. Because he's actually a professional ex-thief. And in his life of stealing, he's an amateur dad. Although it is never known when and what crossed his mind, those thoughts are of vital importance for Ali. Because the Cat will teach Ali what it takes to transform. Without the cat, it's impossible for Ali to miss his wife. But to entrust the sole purpose of his life, is Cat the right man?
The cat also has a daughter. Raven. He grew up in the world of thieves. Even though he hated the world, he learned how to survive on his own and to stand up to anything that comes his way. There is nothing he can't do in this life, there's no cover he can't make up. With this skill, and with his unmistakable charm, Kuzgun will take his place next to Ali. He will be Ali's companion on his new path. But the accounts will not hold. Kuzgun will lose his heart to Ali in a way that will never come to mind.
On the other hand, he's an agile commissioner. Ozan Cevikoglu. One of the types that doesn't let go of the end of a rope when he grabs it. And the last thread he holds is Melek's case. Even if the necessity of this case is considered and his file is stamped, there are doubts that Commissioner Ozan cannot shelve. While he is chasing after them, maybe it will make his profession difficult. But it doesn't matter. Ozan is determined to put the pieces of this puzzle together. We don't know if it's just the love of duty that has tied him so stubbornly in the search for the pieces.
Ali is actually attempting all this for his family. But her family needs a father more than anything right now. Ali has a sweet witch daughter who carries all the rebelliousness of puberty. clear. Throughout Ali's struggle, he will be responsible for his younger, confused and diabetic brother Yağız. Duru has not grown enough to cope with this yet. But luckily there is Özgür. Melek's right-hand man in the home-cooking shop, his close friend, Duru's confidant, a part of the family, a cheerful young man. And Ali's mother and father. Nedim and Zeynep, unaware of their son's efforts, will be Ali's greatest support in the absence of their bride.

Inside, between the four walls, there are those who support Melek. Despite everything. Of course, some will be stumped. But which ones, we don't know yet. A woman who has grown in prison life; Overbearing. Smiling Zeliha who still hasn't lost her hope for life. Scorpio, sentenced to life, who does not interfere with anyone. Chief Warden Özlem. Although unlikely at first glance, it is full of lives that intersect with Melek's. Angel will see in time. And some of them, perhaps, will change Melek's life forever. One day at the end of the road, Kerim Solmaz will wake up from his deep sleep. On that day, everything will begin once again. From the beginning. Because on that day, facts that will astonish everyone will finally come to light. When the time comes, how will Melek and Ali face the surprises waiting for them? No one knows for now. All we know is; Ali has a long road. But he only has 20 minutes. To leave all responsibility for his little boy to his rebellious older sister. To convince his wife that this nightmare will be over. To convince Cat, the thief of years, to help him. To hope that Commissioner Ozan will catch the right clues. To break his wife out of jail. Just 20 minutes.

 Episode : 25

Production Ay Yapım
Producer Kerem Çatay
Director Ali Bilgin
Scenario Kerem Deren - Pınar Bulut
Music Toygar Işıklı
Cast Bülent Emin Yarar, Tuba Büyüküstün, Fırat Çelik, İlker Aksum, İpek Bilgin, Cihat Tamer, Müjde Uzman