Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

Adnan Bey is a wealthy Istanbul gentleman who chose to stay away from his social environment for many years after losing his wife, and gave all his attention and love to his children, Nihal and Bülent, who were left without a mother at a young age. 'Stop. When his wife died, he entrusted his children to Mademoiselle. Mademoiselle for children is both a mother, a teacher and a friend. Behlül, who is a university student, grew up under the auspices of Adnan Bey after losing his family at a young age.

Adnan Bey's quiet life changes when he falls in love with Bihter, who is quite younger than him.

Miss Firdevs, who lost her husband a while ago, has consumed the wealth inherited from her husband in a short time as she attaches great importance to luxurious life. Firdevs, who wants to continue her life without compromising her standard of living, is trying to marry a rich person. Her target is Adnan Bey. Firdevs Hanım, who cannot accept being a mother at a young age and is in constant conflict with her daughters Peyker and Bihter, whom she sees as the reason why she cannot live her life as she wants, is devastated when Adnan Bey proposes to Bihter. Bihter, who is very impressed by Adnan Bey, accepts Adnan Bey's offer to hurt her mother, whom she blames for her father's death, despite his objections. The repercussions of this decision are also different in Adnan Bey's close circle. Nihal, who is extremely fond of her father, does not want to share him with anyone. Bülent welcomes the situation with joy and Mademoiselle sadly. Adnan Bey, who dreams of a happy life with his young wife, is prepared for the problems to be experienced at home, but he believes that he can overcome them in time. The conflict of Bihter Nihal marks the first days of their marriage. Bihter's attitude towards the employees of the house also causes the people in the house to leave the camps. When the financial situation of Firdevs Hanım, who has health problems, deteriorates, she also settles in Adnan Bey's house. When Firdevs Hanım settles in the house, the problems begin to grow like an avalanche. The fact that Firdevs Hanım suddenly becomes the ruler of the house also makes those who work at home uneasy. While Adnan Bey tries to put up with Firdevs Hanım for Bihter, Nihal's uneasiness is gradually increasing.

Behlül's presence at home is another threat to Bihter. Two young people can't help but get into each other's gravitational field. Although they both try to stay away from each other by sensing the danger, they can't succeed. After Ms. Firdevs realizes the situation, a new one is added to the endless conflicts between them in accordance with Bihter, with the fear of losing both her and Bihter's comfortable lives. Bihter denies her feelings, at first she can't even admit it to herself, but then she realizes that she is passionately attached to Behlül.

Although Behlül looks for all escape routes, he finally surrenders to forbidden love. Although the feeling of guilt outweighs from time to time, it is not possible for him to stop loving Bihter. With the weight of betraying Adnan Bey, to whom he owes everything, he blames Bihter. Inside the house, which looks quiet from the outside, big storms are breaking out. In order to protect 's marriage, he finds a solution on his own. He tries to find a relationship with Nihal in order to keep Behlül away from Bihter. Nihal already loves Behlül from the inside. Behlül also clings to this idea to get rid of the clutches of forbidden love.

Realizing the relationship between Bihter and Behlül, Mademoiselle cannot prevent Nihal from getting engaged to Behlül as she cannot share it with anyone. While this engagement makes Adnan Bey happy, it destroys Beşir, who has been among the servants of the house since he was a child. Beşir has been attached to Nihal with great love since he was a child, knowing that it was impossible. will lead to disaster.

Episode: 79

Production Ay Yapım
Producer Kerem Çatay
Director Hilal Saral
Scenario Ece Yörenç- Melek Gençoğlu
Author Halid Ziya Uşaklıgil
Cast Beren Saat, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Selçuk Yöntem, Hazal Kaya, Nebahat Çehre, Nebahat Çehre, Nur Fettahoğlu