His name was Ömer. He was working in a repair shop. He loved a girl named Eyşan. He would marry her and live happily in the slum. He enlisted in the army with hope. When he returned, everything had changed.

Shortly after his return, his lover Eyşan, his best friend Cengiz, and Ali, whom he calls my brother, robbed a hotel casino, killed a security guard, and blamed Ömer. Eyşan did everything for her sick brother Bahar. But Omer never knew that. Because Cengiz actually fell in love with Eyşan, Ali did it just for the money.

Omar was imprisoned. Inside, he met a former bully, Ramiz. Ramiz became his master, friend, comrade. He taught her everything he knew. After 8 years of grappling with the burning question, "Why did they do this to me", Ömer escaped from prison by taking advantage of a riot in the prison. She underwent plastic surgery with the help of Ramiz. He changed his face and voice. Her name was Ezel now. He used Ramiz's teachings, as a master gambler, he multiplied Ramiz's capital and confronted his old friends with his new identity. To take revenge.

With a throbbing heart, he took everything from them one by one. She fell in love with Eyşan and separated her from Cengiz, whom she married. Eyşan's brother made Bahar fall in love with him. He had Cengiz imprisoned, took his power and casino from Ali, leaving them all penniless. With every evil he did to them, his heart ached a little more. Because Ezel could never stop loving these people no matter what he did.

Meanwhile, Ramiz got out of prison and joined him. It turned out that Ramiz had another reason to help him. Ramiz's arch-enemy Kenan Birkan. Kenan wanted to destroy Ramiz's family, take everything away from him, and make him pay for the mysterious mistake Ramiz made to him years ago. Just as Ezel was about to finish his revenge, Kenan Birkan stepped in. Eyşan's brother killed Bahar. He killed Kamil, one of Ezel's men. Meanwhile, Ezel learned that Eyşan's son, Can, is actually from him. To protect her, her unidentified father suffered a heart attack. In the end, everything fell apart. While Ezel was taking his revenge on his enemies, he had turned into a completely different, unwanted man.

Last year, Ezel was a man who had everything but nothing to lose. And now he's a man who has nothing but a lot to lose. Because now there is a new quarterback at the table. Kenan Birkan. He owns everything. Although his story breaks the hearts of everyone who hears it, Kenan Birkan is one of the enemies who rip our hearts out, not the ones who break our hearts.

Despite all their weaknesses, Ezel and Ramiz were so strong last year that it was impossible to deal with them. In this new game we will understand from the very beginning. No matter what they do, it is impossible to beat Kenan Birkan. This time, Ezel will fight not for revenge, but for his honor, for his loved ones, knowing that he cannot win. Kenan Birkan will take away all the power he has. Ezel will start from scratch. Now he will once again find himself with his childhood friends who betrayed him. Will he trust them again, can they forget everything and be a team again? Difficult. But Ezel will need them in this war.

The fight of Ramiz and Kenan is also the fight of the old and the new. A fight between a man from today and a man from yesterday. And while Ezel is fighting for something other than himself this time, he will be the last soldier of the old style today.

The story of Ramiz and Kenan's rise from the very beginning will be told step by step within the unique rules of the seventies and towards the terrible end of this invincible duo. While watching Ezel's fight, we will go back to those years from the words of Ramiz and Kenan. Because everything that happens now, actually happened yesterday.

The unending dark love between Ezel and Eyşan became impossible before Ezel could not forgive Eyşan. Now Eyşan's not forgiving Ezel will drag them to both sides of the abyss. But love doesn't care about cliffs. The people of the two opposite sides will be drawn to each other indispensably this time. Now they both know. The only way to be together is to jump off that cliff at the same time 

Episode : 71