Yaman, a young man from the Tozludere neighborhood, was kicked out of the house by his mother Nevin, who was a singer in the pavilion, and his lover Hasan, after the crime of theft with his older brother Kenan, and together with the lawyer Selim Serez, who opened his house to him, A.Ş.K. Hill (Ahmet Şefik Kaya Hill), he has no choice but to come. Despite Ender's objections, Yaman, who came home, and Mert, the only son of the family, an introverted young man, get along very well. Mert gets the opportunity to talk to his childhood sweetheart, Eylül, thanks to Yaman, who has attracted great attention because he is new to the site. Yaman also meets Mira, who is Eylul's best friend and Mert's next-door neighbor. Mira's father, Faruk, is an investment specialist who screwed up his clients' money and got involved with loan sharks to hide it, and he had a relationship with Ender when he was younger. Although Ender was reluctant for Yaman to live with them at first, he consented to his mother staying in their house after he went to jail. Mira and Yaman were impressed by their first encounter, but Mira has been with Orkun for a long time and his family supports this union. Mira's mother, Sude, who is fond of wealth and luxury, leaves her when she learns that Faruk has sunk. Mira, on the other hand, falls into depression after both her family is broken up and she learns that she has been deceived by Orkun. Meanwhile, there is a rapprochement between Mert and Eylül, and Mert is forced to choose between spoiled Eylül and his congenial Tuğçe. Ender's father, Asım Şekip Kaya, does not take kindly to Yaman's settlement with them. Mira's mother Sude also agrees and blames Yaman for her daughter's depression. The appearance of Yaman's older brother Kenan makes things even more difficult. Ender and Selim, on the other hand, have a disagreement about the new job offer to Selim. Selim accepts the job and starts working with his old friend Selda again, which will increase the tension between them. While Yaman takes the exams to be accepted to Mert's school, Sude forces Mira to receive psychological treatment. Although Yaman is accepted to the school, he does not feel that he belongs there, and Orkun continues to make his life difficult.

 Episode : 77

Ay Yapım
Kerem Çatay
Ali Bilgin
Ece Yörenç- Melek Gençoğlu
Art Director
Selim Keleşoğlu
Music Toygar Işıklı
Cast Çağatay Ulusoy, Serenay Sarıkaya, Barış Falay, Mine Tugay, Taner Ölmez, Hazar Ergüçlü, Metin Akdülger, Şebnem Dönmez, Defne Kayalar, Murat Aygen