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The End


Aylin and Selim are a happy couple, connected by love. The perfect marriage of the young couple continues with as much passion as the first day...
The young couple, who entrusted their son Ömer, who will turn seven the next day, to Aylin's parents, comes home with the excitement of a romantic night they will spend alone. An untimely guest will interrupt this romantic getaway... Selim's best friend Halil appears at the door of Aylin and Selim's house late at night...

Selim, who lost his family at a young age, grew up with his best friend Halil. Halil, who is a part of Selim and Aylin's family, carries out successful works in the architectural office they established with Aylin. Unlike Selim, Halil could not find the happiness he found in his job in his marriage. He is having a hard time because of his wife, Alev, who has a great depression. The crisis that Alev can't get out of makes the problems in Halil and Alev's marriage increasingly unsolvable.

Halil's older brother Ali is an experienced and successful commissioner. Ali, who leads a quiet and modest life with his wife Feride, is considering retiring soon at Feride's insistence. Ali's peaceful life will be overshadowed by a haunted man following Ali...
Selim and Aylin throw a party at their house to celebrate their son Ömer's seventh birthday. Ali, Feride, Halil and Alev will be present at this invitation. Alev, who did not want to join the party from the beginning, tries to adapt to this happy crowd to make Halil's heart happy.

In the morning of this happy night where the whole family is together, Selim will fly to Frankfurt to attend a congress. Aylin leaves Selim at the airport… Even these few days that they will spend apart are difficult for Aylin and Selim. Saying goodbye to Selim at the airport, Aylin is unaware that Selim's journey will change everyone's lives forever.


Production Ay Yapım
Producer Kerem Çatay
Director Uluç Bayraktar
Scenario Berkun Oya
Music Toygar Işıklı
Cast Erkan Can, Yiğit Özşener, Berrak Tüzünataç, Engin Altan Düzyatan, Nehir Erdoğan